Nutrition to Support Optimal Growth and Development in Youth

Published on: Feb 21 2020

Nutrition needs for children and teenagers

Growth and development relies on good nutrition

Growing from a child into an adult involves much more than we can see with our own eyes. Kids are constantly growing taller and stronger, which we can see, but also developing their senses, cognitive capabilities, or their blood volume is expanding to fuel a growing body. All of these processes require nutrients to serve as building blocks or signals for growth. Calcium becomes part of growing bones, while zinc and iodine support development of the brain and nervous system, for example.

Generation Z has unique nutrition needs

Since children and adolescents are growing and developing so rapidly, they have demanding nutrient needs that are different from those of adults. Teenagers require up to 67% more daily iodine than children, and both children and teenagers have higher protein requirements relative to their body weight than many adults.

This white paper describes the unique nutrition needs of children and teenagers, and explores how to address these unique needs.

Download the full white paper for free here.

Read on…download the full paper for free here.

About the author

Barbara Lyle, PhD

Dr. Lyle has over 25 years of
experience in the consumer food industry
working on and leading cross-functional teams
at the fuzzy front end of consumer conceptĀ development, new products, science trends,
and global platform development. She has
client partner experience with the top innovation
companies globally and previously served
as treasurer for the American Society for
Nutrition. Barbara is currently adjunct faculty at
Northwestern University, School of Professional
Studies. She has co-authored numerous scientific
publications, patents, and submissions to FDA and
USDA addressing labeling regulations.

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