Webinar – Digestive Health: Know Your Ingredients

Published on: Nov 19 2018

Summary (scroll down for an infographic summary)

Consumers across all psychographics and life-stages are seeking better digestive wellness. Weighing the evidence on claims and technologies is the best way to know what benefits you’re offering consumers.  In this webinar, learn about established claims, dive into what consumers are seeking out in each region, and get a crash course on the background and scientific merit of some popular digestive health solutions such as probiotics and prebiotics from Dr Mary Ellen Sanders.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  1. How to link science and research to industry trends
  2. Digestive health claims and marketing differences around the world
  3. The science behind probiotic and prebiotic claims

Topics & Speakers

Identifying Opportunities and Navigating Claims in Digestive Health –Stephen Quinn, BSc JD, Business and Regulatory Director, Kerry

Leveraging the Scientific Merit Behind Probiotics and Prebiotics – Dr Mary Ellen Sanders, BSc MSc PhD, Consultant, Dairy & Food Culture TechnologiesInfographic showing different digestive health ingredients and the scientific evidence behind them

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