Webinar – Sugar Reduction: Formulating for Success

Published on: Mar 5 2018

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Sugar Reduction Around the World – Consumer, Health & Legislation Demands: Aisling Aherne, PhD, RNutr, Nutrition Science Manager, Kerry

Overcoming the Complexities of Reduced Sugar: Ashley Baker, VP RD&A, Kerry 

Bowl of sugar

In a world that loves sugar’s familiar qualities…where do you start for its successful reduction?

Sugar ranks at the top of the list when it comes to consumer nutrition concerns, but sugar reduction poses a challenge across all product categories. The responsibility and cost of helping consumers reduce their sugar intake is being pushed onto the food and beverage industry by legislation like sugar taxes.

We look at why so many sugar-reduced products fail. Though consumers cite taste as the biggest driver of their intention to repurchase, we explore other key factors that may stop great-tasting products from getting off the shelf.

Hear from nutrition and applications experts on how to succeed with sugar reduction. Find out what makes healthier products likeable while fitting into labelling and tax legislation across the world. Bringing together consumer perception research, true nutrition science and practical formulation expertise, you’ll come away with actionable insights, practical examples and industry-relevant solutions for sugar reduction.

Challenges and Opportunities for Sugar Reduction Infographic

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